9100D Internal Auditor


Overview Description

Internal auditing can be a powerful and effective pillar to the maintenance and improvement of your management system. This course is aimed at providing the knowledge and skills necessary to help develop the competence of internal auditing staff in order to undertake effective audits to the latest requirements of AS9100. Material includes auditing tools such as PEAR (process auditing), Product and Configuration auditing. (Course duration 2 days)

An interactive TWO DAY course to provide auditors with the skills to plan, execute, report and effective follow-up corrective action for internal audits. Also to embrace ISO 19011 Guidelines to auditing. The course is designed to follow the stages in a live audit, including simulated audit interviews and role plays. The objective of an audit is not to find fault, but rather to identify opportunities for improvement and also identify compliance.

Course Objectives

• Producing an internal audit schedule
• Understand the basic principles of quality auditing
• Have the ability to follow through a process diagram
• Be able to evaluate the effectiveness of a process
• Planning the audit, resources and timings in accordance with ISO 19011
• To developing appropriate questioning techniques
• Have the ability to carry out an internal audit
• Developing a suitable report
• Plan for the closing meeting
• How to get the best from your audit

Benefits You Will Gain

• Increased understanding of the process approach to auditing with reference to the 9100 Rev D Standard
• Develop more effective auditing techniques, improve evaluation and communications skills
• Develop more structured reporting
• Understand the differences between corrective action and preventive action and their implementation

Who Should Attend

• Those wishing to undertake internal audits to 9100 Rev D level
• Those wishing to improve their internal auditing skills to 9100 Rev D
• Those wishing to develop the process approach to internal auditing with reference to 9100 Rev D
• Managers and supervisors of 9100 certified organisations who wish to have more confidence about the internal auditing process

Course Techniques

An introduction to the subject is given through a series of presentations and tutorials combined with interactive participation activities and role playing. Interaction between delegate and tutor is encouraged throughout the day to discuss various aspects of the internal auditing process with reference to the 9100 Rev D Aerospace Standard. Reference information will be available to keep which will include a ring binder with course material and handouts. All delegates will be awarded a certificate verifying completion of the course.

In-Company Delivery

Recognising the increasing popularity of in-company training programmes, ABC Quality Management specialises in providing customised courses delivered on your premises or an outside venue. Please discuss your requirements with us.