November 2013 Travel Extraordinaire

November saw a spate of travelling with 1 week seeing me in France, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. The French audit was in a very old town in the south and the hotel was right in the centre next to the river, very relaxing but I did manage to pay for someone else’s bill before I realised on my return.

I returned to a Heathrow hotel before flying out to Tunisia where an audit was conducted in a well organised factory. The factory was in a tourist area and all the restaurants were practically empty. If you want a cheap holiday with no queues Tunisia is the place to go but just stay clear of city centres as there are still protests going on but the tourist areas are ‘supervised’.

Another return to a Heathrow hotel then saw me flying out to Saudi Arabia for another audit where for 6 days I was seeing the Saudisation of aerospace companies. The immigration queues in Riyadh airport are chaotic at the best of times but this time, all the signs were taken down so you could not know which queue you were supposed to be in. Of course, I got the wrong queue and after 40 minutes of queuing I then had to join another queue for another 40 minutes. I was not a happy ‘bunny’. Even my limousine chauffeur that was supposed to pick me up from the airport to take me to the hotel turned out to be a scruffy bus!! The weather was very English with 2 days of rain (even the locals were surprised at that!) and a couple of grey days.

The end of the month saw me in Basingstoke followed by the long drive to Blackburn for auditing but the return journey from Blackburn to Norfolk took 6 hours of solid travelling with the chaos on the M6. At one point I was travelling at ‘some speed’ at night down a country road with grass growing through the middle when I happened upon a ford with water flowing steadily across. However, for a whole second I thought the world had come to an end as the road disappeared from view. I am going to be 65 years old in 2 weeks’ time and I just want the world to slow down!!!!!!!