British Standards Institute (BSI):

One of the most famous Accredited organisations that operates worldwide and the majority of my auditing experience has been with this Company.

British Standards Institute (BSI) Associate Consultant Programme (APC):

The Associate consultant programme offered by BSI.

Hethel Engineering Centre:

Hethel Engineering Centre is a business dedicated to supporting the growth and success of high performance engineering and manufacturing companies and individuals throughout the region.

International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA):

This organisation provides international recognition of competence for 13,500 auditors in 120 countries and a global benchmark for auditor training trusted by over 50,000 students each year.

On-line Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS):

This database, which is open to members only, collates information on organisations within the Aerospace world including companies that are registered to AS 9100, 9110 & 9120. Potential customers will be able to see the scope of your activity enabling them to see what business they can offer you.

United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS):

Controlled through the Board of Trade, this is the organisation that certifies the companies that carry out third party certification. These organisations are required to be accredited by UKAS in order to ensure that everyone plays by the same rules.

Advancing UK Aerospace, Defence& Security Industries (ADS):

ADS is the Premier Trade Organisation for companies in the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space Sectors. Membership is made up of 1000 UK registered businesses.