Sep 2011 Gay Paris!!!!!

The upgrade period for the aerospace standards is now in full swing and no doubt will continue with pace until July 2012, just in time for the London Olympics. The pressure is now on the aerospace auditors who have passed the required examinations. September found me doing upgrade audits in for 2 organisations in Paris… Read more »

Aug 2011 Another AS EN 9100 Success

The design organisation for whom I was doing consultancy work for has just had their initial audit for AS 9100 Rev C and I am pleased to say they did extremely well, picking up just a few small NCRs which have been quickly cleared. This is another organisation on the path to a robust involvement… Read more »

July 2011 Perils of Train Travel (Pt 2)

The Design consultancy work I am involved with at the moment is going very well with the 1st stage audit being completed and the 2nd stage initial audit being conducted in the first week of August. The changeover to AS 9100 Rev C is now gathering pace as the 1 July 11 is now past… Read more »


June 2011 Perils of Train Travel

Further visits to my consultancy clients have moved them on towards the ultimate goal of being certified to AS 9100 and AS 9120. One is a design house and the other a supplier of adhesive products that can be used in the Defence industry. A visit to the home of the Maastricht Treaty showed how… Read more »


May 2011: Blossom Time

The highlight of the month was one of my 2 visits per year to an aluminium plant in Russia. I have been going there for the last 5 years and have seen many improvements to the city and its infrastructure. This year was in May instead of March/April and so I caught the trees in… Read more »


April 2011 Passed

The news has come through that I have passed the AS 9120:2009 examination and I am now qualified to carry out audits to this Standard. I have a consultancy client who has engaged me to put this Standard into his distribution organisation and a 2 day visit during the month enabled me to get the… Read more »


March 2011 Sun, sea, singing

The month started with another visit to Turkey in Izmir. Normally regarded as a holiday resort with lots of sun, sea and …singing! However, in March it was freezing with a blizzard at one point. The Company I went to had just moved into the offices and the heating was not working for the first… Read more »


February 2011 Turkish Delight

My first visit to Turkey was in this month to the aerospace city of Eskisehir which involved a 5 hour car journey from Istanbul airport into the interior. My perception of Turkish driving skills was confirmed but everything else I perceived about Turkey was wrong. I found the staff at the organisation I visited to… Read more »


January 2011 Wrong Airport!!

I have been travelling the world for the last 6 years but I am afraid, for the first time, I booked myself a flight to Dortmund instead of Dusseldorf in Germany. They sound very much the same but they are about 60 miles apart. As I was going by EasyJet, I could not refund the… Read more »


November 2010 London buses

It seems that consultancy work is like London busses, you are striving to get the work and then on 1 night, 3 e-mails arrive requesting your services! Of the 3, 1 includes a request to introduce AS 9120 into an organisation which is not done very often so this will be of great interest. The… Read more »