October 2013 Turkish Delight

October was a busy with 3 audits in France. The first was with an American colleague and we had to hire a car due to the absence of trains to our destination. The drive out of Paris was not too bad but the return meant we were catching the rush hour where, at one point,… Read more »

September 2013 What weekends?

My first week in September saw me in Hungary auditing for an American Global Company and the hotel was historic. A previous visit to the area caused me some concern when the Air Traffic Control tower had a fire and the airport was shut. However, this time there was no problem. For the second week,… Read more »

August 2013 Hot Gliding month

The month started with a 2 week audit in Poland and at this time of year Poland is a very good place to be with warm days. The 2 towns I was based in had market squares with restaurants over spilling into the market square with excellent food and wine being served in a very… Read more »

July 2013 Now was that HOT!!!

July has been the hottest month I have had to endure in all my 64 years on this planet. For the start of the month I was already in Saudi Arabia carrying out an initial audit on an aluminium plant and at one point I was in a building 1.2 kilometres long with a large… Read more »

June 2013 Aggravation

June has been a surprisingly difficult month which started with me helping out by taking over a Team Leader’s role in a UK Company and managed to pick up a complaint. Somehow, my attempts to praise the high standard of the Company was misinterpreted as if I was criticising them. I must improve my diction!!… Read more »

May 2013 Recharged Batteries

Some consultancy work was carried out in the first couple of days but the bulk of May was taken up with a holiday to China where we also visited our son, his wife and small baby. The usual sightseeing visits were very good and well worth a visit by anyone from outside China. My son… Read more »

February 2013 British Winter Weather

The month of February saw me NOT going overseas for a very long time in a month and I was able to squeeze some time in to do some marketing. Some people reading this web site may be prompted to read it as a result of the marketing activity which covered a major push on… Read more »

January 2013 Taking it to extremes

The month started with a surprisingly cold visit to a maintenance Company in Saudi Arabia. I was walking round inside the workshop in my shirt and tie and the locals were wearing their coats and scarves!! The night time temperatures were getting down to nearly freezing. A week long aerospace audit in Sheffield introduced me… Read more »

December 2012 A Soggy December

To continue the weather theme December in the UK has been a very wet month and it looks as if the UK will have one of its wettest years since records began. Not bad for a country that was suffering a drought earlier in the year with the usual hose pipe bans!! A 2nd stage… Read more »

November 2012 Hot & Cold

November can be a changeable month weather wise but I managed to spend some time in Tunisia carrying out a Management audit to AS 9100 where the temperatures were quite balmy with walkabouts carried out in shirt sleeves. Alas, I was in Poland for the end of the month where the weather was quite wintry… Read more »