A New Year and a New Start

With many thanks to PressPoint Media, ABC Quality Management has launched the new website into the world.

02 December 2016 Congratulations to Maytek Solutions

I have been the consultant for a small organisation based in Norfolk and their second stage audit for being certified to ISO 9001:2015 was completed satisfactorily with just a few points to clear up. Well done Maytek Solutions Ltd of Fakenham, your hard work has paid off!

28 November 2016 Success with SGS

I am pleased to announce that the certifying Company SGS have taken me on board for carrying out some of their aerospace audits and I will be completing my first audit review with them in Jan 2017 so this will widen my scope of work and experiences.


May 2014 The Sands of Time

The month started off with an aerospace audit very close to the sands of Great Yarmouth adjacent to the first Nelson’s column. I have been to this Company many times before and it was good to see that things have been steadily improving. A day was also spent in the UK at one of my… Read more »

April 2014 Pleasant Travels

The month started with a very good audit on the shores of the largest lake in Europe, Lake Balaton in Hungary which is a tourist area with good restaurants and shore front walks. This was an excellent area in which to do a couple of runs under the tree blossom and alongside the spring flowers…. Read more »

March 2014 Relearning to Glide

March had me visiting Germany twice, once to Hannover and once to Lippstadt. Both audits were for re-certification and both did very well in true German style with Quality Management Systems that were first class. The flight to Hannover and back was courtesy of British Airways from the usual Heathrow but the trip to Lippstadt… Read more »

February 2014 Nightmare Ride

The month started with a fairly straightforward aerospace audit near Cambridge at a company I have been going to for nearly eight years—it’s always great to see companies burgeoning and producing robust high tech products. This was followed by some consultancy at a small engineering machine shop in delightful Stevenage and their first stage audit… Read more »

January 2014: Picture of heavy rain?

The New Year’s festivities are now over and another year rolls in to the sound of gales in the UK and floods everywhere. So far I have not been affected!!! Consultancy work progresses with my skills being required in Germany and I have been able to polish up my feeble German language skills. My 2… Read more »

December 2013 Building for 2014

After an extremely hectic Oct and Nov, Dec was relatively quiet with a visit to Poland. Dare I say it but my Ryanair flight to Warsaw Madlin went surprisingly well although I stress that I only used this airline as its out of the way airport was near the town where the audit was held…. Read more »

November 2013 Travel Extraordinaire

November saw a spate of travelling with 1 week seeing me in France, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. The French audit was in a very old town in the south and the hotel was right in the centre next to the river, very relaxing but I did manage to pay for someone else’s bill before I… Read more »