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image-for-right-hand-side-andrew-boltonAndrew Bolton’s Profile: Lead Consultant for ABC Quality Management

My name is Andrew Bolton, I am the lead consultant for ABC Quality Management  – I thought I’d write a few words to explain my career so far in the Quality world.

I spent 39 years in the RAF as an aircraft technician and from 1986, when I introduced a new concept called ‘Quality’ on a Tornado squadron, I was involved with Quality matters. For the next 15 years, I was responsible for quality at Squadron and RAF Station level and I then became a full-time Quality Manager for the last 2 years of my Service.

Since leaving the RAF in 2003 I was a part time Quality Manager for 1 year and then from 2004 became a worldwide third party auditor for the British Standards Institution (BSI) as an External Resource Auditor, specialising in the Aerospace Standards 9100, 9110 & 9120. Initially, all of my audit work was for BSI but in recent times I have had a mix of BSI auditing work and I have been able to expand my activities to include a consultancy service.

I have been approved to be a member of the BSI ‘Associate Consultant Programme’ (APC) having demonstrated my experience in the Aerospace Industry.

In addition, I have been approved to join the list of consultants at the Hethel Engineering Centre in Norfolk which has been set up to promote high technology engineering in the East Anglian region.

ABC Quality Management has access to a worldwide network of Quality consultants, each and every consultant is highly qualified and extremely experienced. They are committed to a process which will adapt your current working methodologies to improve your business performance to the appropriate Standard, whether that be the ISO9001, AS91xx aerospace, environmental, IT or Health and Safety standards


I have the following qualifications:

• Degree Level in Operational Management
• ONC Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
• Member of the Chartered Quality Institute
• Member of the Chartered Management Institute

My interests include staying in hotels, flying and driving up and down British motorways, consequently my level of job satisfaction is very high!!