March 2014 Relearning to Glide

March had me visiting Germany twice, once to Hannover and once to Lippstadt. Both audits were for re-certification and both did very well in true German style with Quality Management Systems that were first class. The flight to Hannover and back was courtesy of British Airways from the usual Heathrow but the trip to Lippstadt was from London City airport in a propeller driven aircraft. This was the first time I had used this airport and its easy access from central London was very convenient. Although the strong cross wind made for some entertaining viewing from the restaurant when lighter aircraft were taking off I eventually realised it was going to include mine in a short while!

A trip to Hungary to make up a day’s audit which was not completed made a hectic trip to Budapest. The last time I had travelled through Budapest there had been a fire in the Air Traffic Control on my return journey and British Airways did itself proud by organising a flight from nearby Vienna airport.

I have just started my old hobby of gliding again and I visited a local gliding club. I managed to get a couple of flights in which only proved you might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks having messed up both landings. However, I intend to do more in the Summer when hopefully the winds are a bit lighter.