June 2013 Aggravation

June has been a surprisingly difficult month which started with me helping out by taking over a Team Leader’s role in a UK Company and managed to pick up a complaint. Somehow, my attempts to praise the high standard of the Company was misinterpreted as if I was criticising them. I must improve my diction!!

The next audit was in France where I also had difficulty in getting myself understood when raising non-conformances and then towards the end of the month, in a small UK Company I felt I was in the lion’s den for 1.5 days when I was raising NCRs on what I considered to be a very weak Quality Management System. At least that month is behind me and put down to experience.

The end of the month saw me en-route to Saudi Arabia again but trying a different entry point. I landed in Bahrain and my taxi then took me on the causeway into Saudi Arabia and up the coast past Dammam to Industrial City No 2. However, what seemed a good idea took over 6 hours with 2 hours of that queuing to through various immigration controls and customs points. This just added to the aggravation suffered for the earlier part of June.

On the positive side, I had a good consultancy session in Harlow which included completing the internal audits for them.