July 2010 Mad Dogs and Englishmen

July has proved to be a hectic month with a short notice certification transfer audit in Saudi Arabia. At this time of year the temperatures are getting around 42 degrees C (in the shade) and the sun seems to burn the jacket off your back. I am afraid I am that person that must have been the subject of the phrase about Mad Dogs and Englishmen in the mid-day sun as I do not change my mode of dress whichever country I am in. I must admit, the jacket and tie would come off as soon as I got into the freezing hotel room! The hotel was within 200 metres of the Red Sea and my glasses would mist up instantly I left the hotel with the high humidity and cold glasses.

I have been to a couple of breakfast meetings in my local area before but have not found them particularly useful but I went to one this month and was pleased to meet up with several people I do business with. The economy is affecting many businesses in different ways but it was pleasing to see that they are ‘weathering the storm’.

A visit to Hungary for an aerospace re-assessment audit saw me flying British Airways again. However, this time the flight was on time with no problems, just how I like it without the effects of the cabin staff strike or volcanoes.

The end of the month saw a visit to my consultancy client, who is going for AS 9100 without the benefit of having been certified to ISO 9001, for the last time before the 2nd stage audit at the end of August. The 1st stage audit went without any real hitches so fingers crossed for the 2nd stage.