January 2014: Picture of heavy rain?

The New Year’s festivities are now over and another year rolls in to the sound of gales in the UK and floods everywhere. So far I have not been affected!!! Consultancy work progresses with my skills being required in Germany and I have been able to polish up my feeble German language skills. My 2 day visit to Milan for auditing was conducted under heavy rain and the following week when auditing in Paris I had the same experience of continual rain.

Even my 4 day auditing visit to Saudi Arabia attracted 2 days of rain and I was jokingly asked to return early to the UK so that the rain could stop. This must all be due to Global Warming and Climate Change. I managed to re-arrange my diary to get 2 days of update training in the UK which was enjoyable to meet my fellow auditors. Unfortunately, later in the month one of my very well liked colleagues died at the age of 52 which is a sad loss for all concerned.