April 2014 Pleasant Travels

The month started with a very good audit on the shores of the largest lake in Europe, Lake Balaton in Hungary which is a tourist area with good restaurants and shore front walks. This was an excellent area in which to do a couple of runs under the tree blossom and alongside the spring flowers.

The audit on a global American company went well with just a couple of non-conformances. This was followed by a trip to Russia on the shores of the Volga river to visit another American Corporate giant. I have been to this Company for the last 10 years and seen the number of non-conformances go from quite a few at each visit to recently when 2 out of 3 visits have produced no non conformances, which for a Company of several thousand people is a very good performance and well deserved. The trip was complicated by the travel arrangements which involved us having to travel there via Frankfurt but return via Moscow.

An excellent end of audit meal was held in a Ukrainian restaurant which was interesting as the trouble in the Ukraine had only recently started. The young female violinist played a background of modern music which made the evening very pleasant and memorable. Unusually for me, my next 2 audits were in the UK in the East of England where the performance of these 2 Companies was variable with a number of non-conformances in one organisation and only a handful in the other. It was quite a change to be able to speak ‘normal English’ instead of my overseas ‘Classical English’.