December 2013 Building for 2014

After an extremely hectic Oct and Nov, Dec was relatively quiet with a visit to Poland. Dare I say it but my Ryanair flight to Warsaw Madlin went surprisingly well although I stress that I only used this airline as its out of the way airport was near the town where the audit was held. Two potential consultancy clients have been in contact during this month, one in the Middle East for AS 9110 (my speciality) and another in Germany for AS 9100. Work will hopefully start in Jan 2014 if everything goes well.

A relatively short notice visit to Dubai enabled me to complete a 3 day 1st stage audit for AS 9110 and it was nice to see Zulu time being used, a reminder of my past RAF career. Typical of a fast growing country, my hotel had only been open a few months (I think the concrete was still drying!) and on one side the rest of the complex was still being built and on the other side was a view to open desert but I presume by next year this desert will also be built on.

My son visited us from his base in Beijing for a Christmas at home and it was good to have a family reunion with my daughter from Cheltenham, with me and my wife in Norfolk. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year and that 2014 brings you all good fortune.